About To Dust

Fredrik Wendel - Vocals
Emil Söderdahl - Guitar
Kristoffer Schultz - Guitar
Daniel G Löfdahl - Keyboard & Effects
Andreas Kjellner - Drums
Marcus Malmunger - Bass guitar

To Dust Band

To Dusts music is most often referred to as melodic death metal that combines heavy riffs and growling with beautiful and atmospheric melodies on both keyboard and guitar. This is combined with rhythmical elements and dark lyrics both in English and Swedish.

The band originates from the small town of Lund, Sweden.

To Dust has recorded and released two full-length albums which both have gotten a lot of positive feedback. The band enjoys performing on stage and have performed on both small and large stages and occasions. Among them Metaltown in Gothenburg, Tivolirock in Kristianstad and To Dust usually performs at the event "Kulturnatten" in Lund. The band is very active on stage and likes both to engage and engage with the audience.

" For a debut CD, it's pretty amazing what the band has accomplished, from the dark and melodic tendencies throughout the songs to beautiful, haunting and atmospheric to downright brutal. I definitely give this release a 10 out of 10, and I can't wait to see what else this band is going to do next! "
- shockwavemagazine.com
" To Dust have genuine songwriting and performance skill and State of Nothing is looking like an album that needs to be heard from start to finish. "
- nocleansinging.com
To Dust Band

To hear more music from To Dust try one of the vendors above. T-shirts can be bought at spreadshirt store Tygtrasan. For physical CD's you have to get in touch with the band.